mie. iun. 19th, 2024

Life is a journey we all must go through. We are the ones who craft our life through the decisions we make, the choices we take, the people we interact with and the experiences we go through.
At least once in your life, you should try a different kind of massage, an erotic one (it’s just a type of massage, not a place with sexual connotations!).

What does an erotic massage imply?
A website address, atmosphere, oils, massage techniques, professional massage therapists and an open mind. Now let’s take them one by one.

1.A website address
The first and most logical piece of the puzzle is a website of the massage salon.  People must have an online place where they can find more about the services provided, the massage therapists that work there, the work hours and, most importantly of all, where the salon is located.

2. The right ambiance
Now that you know where to go, the next piece is about the environment. Because erotic massage has a therapeutic purpose, the atmosphere must be soothing, relaxing and intimate.
The right ambiance talks can help you start to relax and enjoy a well deserved pampering.

3.The oils
The most used oils have the fragrance of sweet almond, because it nourishes the skin. Of course, the oil is chosen based on the customer’s skin.
Other fragrances used in a massage session include: rose, ylang-ylang, macadamia, jojoba and jasmine.

4.Masage techniques
Once again, erotic massage serves as a massage therapy and yes it has its own personal techniques. A massage therapist works on different parts of the body in order to awaken the energy found within and let in flow in whole body. Some examples of techniques include prostate, perineal massage or even couple massage.

5. Massage therapists
People involved in erotic massage are professionals who have notions about biology, psychology and are taught in a customer-oriented approach. They respect their profession and want to offer the best services for their customers.

6. An open mind
This last piece refers to the customer. An open mind is what you need to fully benefit from the massage techniques. Think about the massage session as a way to know your body and discover new sensations.

New experiences can be scary, but they are also thrilling. If you want to know more details about erotic massage, start with the website address.

By Stefan